Ye Sheng, Autumn 2013

Name: Yunnan Sourcing Ye Sheng, Autumn 2013
Style: Raw Pu-ehr
From: Yunnan, China

1 tsp, 95°C Water, 1 min + Rinse

This brews a light orange colour with a slight tinge of pink in the centre.

This is a smokey one! There’s a bit of the leafy earth in here, with some honey and maybe a touch of floral hiding way off in the background.

Tastes like a campfire, smokey with a lot more leaf/earth/dirt than on the nose, there’s a bit of peach flavour that comes in as well. The honey and floral notes are still there in the background.

This one has a very interesting smokiness to it that I didn’t expect from a pu-ehr. I find this one is rather light and easy for a pu-ehr, and even with that smokiness I could easily drink this often.


Xue Ju Shu Pu, 2013

Name: Yunnan Sourcing Xue Ju Shu Pu, 2013
Style: Ripe Pu-ehr with Crysanthenum
From: Yunnan, China

1 tsp, 95°C Water, 1 min + Rinse

This tea brews a deep brown with a slight tinge of red to it.

On the nose there’s a lot of earth, with some dried berries and rich crysanthemum notes.

This tea had a bit of astringency to it the first couple steeps. The flavours were pretty much identical to the nose, crysanthemum, berry and earth.

This snow crystanthemum pu-ehr is so different from the other one, with a lot less of the dirty, leafy earth and more fruit flavours present. The florality (that’s a real word, right?) of the tea is a lot more subtle, but there.