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2013 Domaine Saint Paul Viognier

This was in one of the vintages releases in July, and I’ve been on a white wine kick recently (mostly Savvy’s and Viogniers) and for the price ($14) I couldn’t pass it up. I opened it up today to A) Drink and B) add a splash to my peach frozen yogurt.

Name: Domaine Saint Paul Viognier, 2013
From: Midi, France
Varietal: Viognier
ABV: 13%

The wine is a nice pale yellow colour with a thin, clear rim. It has some quick running legs that run down the glass nicely.

On the nose the wine is very floral with a bit of peach and orange zest. It smells exactly like I think a viognier should.

The wine’s dry with a medium acidity level. On the palate the peach takes over, a grapefruit zest comes in mid way through and there’s a long finish with the peaches making a comeback, although this time there’s a hint of bitterness. You could say it’s peach pit, you could say grapefruit pith… Either way.

Overall the wine is fantastic, balanced nicely and is pretty much everything I want in a white wine. I’ve got nice floral, fruit, citrus layered in there. It’s refreshing and certainly not boring.


Gaspereau Vineyards Muscat 2013

Freshly back from my trip out east with plenty of wine and beer and spirits in tow. So much so that the strap on my bag let go in downtown Toronto rush hour, the bag started to tear where one of the straps is sewn in and my hands are sore from carrying it… This bottle was a present to me, and because of that I won’t share it with anyone. I’ve always absolutely loved it, maybe because it was one of my first introductions to Nova Scotian wine (free wine at weddings is awesome), or maybe because it’s delicious… The world may never know.

Name: Gaspereau Vineyards Muscat 2013
From: Nova Scotia, Canada
Varietal: NY Muscat
ABV: 12%

Appearance: Pale peachy gold.
Aroma: Very intense nose of tropical fruits – passion fruit, lychee, papaya – a bit of of orange. It all smells like a sweet fruit salad.
Taste: Slightly off-dry, with a medium acidity that lingers and a soft mouthfeel (if that makes sense).  It starts with sweet tropical fruit, mostly lychee, which fades off into papaya and something close to banana, and finishing with a lot of pink grapefruit.

Overall: So delicious. This is probably my favourite Nova Scotian wine (Bubbles excluded), and has been for years.

Buy:  NSLC, Private Stores in Nova Scotia
$20 for a 750ml bottle

What they say:

Muscat, made from Nova Scotia’s most aromatic grape variety, New York Muscat, is a dry copper coloured wine with intense aromas of lychee and grapefruit. Ideal pairings include flavourful seafood and curry dishes.