2013 Domaine Saint Paul Viognier

This was in one of the vintages releases in July, and I’ve been on a white wine kick recently (mostly Savvy’s and Viogniers) and for the price ($14) I couldn’t pass it up. I opened it up today to A) Drink and B) add a splash to my peach frozen yogurt.

Name: Domaine Saint Paul Viognier, 2013
From: Midi, France
Varietal: Viognier
ABV: 13%

The wine is a nice pale yellow colour with a thin, clear rim. It has some quick running legs that run down the glass nicely.

On the nose the wine is very floral with a bit of peach and orange zest. It smells exactly like I think a viognier should.

The wine’s dry with a medium acidity level. On the palate the peach takes over, a grapefruit zest comes in mid way through and there’s a long finish with the peaches making a comeback, although this time there’s a hint of bitterness. You could say it’s peach pit, you could say grapefruit pith… Either way.

Overall the wine is fantastic, balanced nicely and is pretty much everything I want in a white wine. I’ve got nice floral, fruit, citrus layered in there. It’s refreshing and certainly not boring.