Tao Tea New Style Lapsang

Name: Tao Tea Leaf New Style Lapsang Souchong
Style: Smoked Black Tea
From: WuYiShan, Fujian Province, China

Brewed: 3g, for 2 minutes at 98C

The tea brews a dark brown with a reddish tint and a bit yellow a the edges.

There’s a definite smoke note on the nose, as long with a very earthy note and sugarcane. The smoke isn’t overwhelming as it can be in other Lapsang’s though.

The tea is full bodied, without any astringency. The start of the sip is a bit of light smoke, midway through, there’s a nice honeyed sugar and maltiness that comes through before fading back into smoke.

Overall this is a very tasty tea, and a more subtle version of a traditional version of Lapsang Souchong. It’s super drinkable and not like licking an ashtray – which is nice.

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What they say:
This lapsang souchong is a much sweeter and less smoky take on a classic tea. The leaves contain a higher ratio of buds to leaves than the original. The leaves and buds are also picked earlier in the harvesting season. This means that the tea is much sweeter. This full bodied tea is perfect for those who would are new to the world of lapsang souchong or those who enjoy a more subtle and subdued smoked flavour.